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Hi. I'm Lisa...a photographer for whom photography has always been a passion and a creative outlet. I love being behind the camera, capturing special moments and real emotions as they happen and preserving and sharing those moments and feelings through my images.

I have worn many hats over the years - being known as the "Family Photographer" (reunions, holidays, celebrations, candid family and child portraits), "Event Photographer” (weddings, community, and family events), "Team Photographer" (community and scholastic sports), and "School Photographer" (yearbook, candid senior photos, field trips, classroom and school events).

As a visual storyteller, I do what I love....telling the stories of who you are and what you love through a combination of candid photography and environmental portraiture; otherwise known as lifestyle photography. While I specialize in lifestyle and candid event photography, I also enjoy many other types of photography including sports, landscape, nature, abstract, artistic, and street photography.